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    Napkin Labs joins
    the Chaordix family

    Acquisition by Calgary-based crowdsourcing pioneer invigorates Napkin Labs’ ability to build community and drive innovation from brand social channels.


  • “Through the Dominos “Think Oven,” Napkin Labs has proven that social is no longer just a place for brands to get “likes” but it can also be a powerful platform for a business to leverage external feedback to the benefit of both the business and customers alike.”

    David Armano, Edelman Digital

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  • “Napkin Labs’ model fit our needs perfectly. Our goal was to get a lot of feedback and input as fast as possible from many people within a small demographic.”

    Julia Framel, Sony

  • “We wanted to create a platform that made it easy for customers to share their passion and ideas.”

    Natanya Anderson, Whole Foods

  • “Napkin Labs turns IDEO’s innovation process into web-apps for all.”

  • “Napkin Labs is working to turn valued customers into a creative army.”

  • “Napkin Labs eliminates the barriers separating businesses from their customers.”

  • “…turn engaged customers into valuable research and design resources.”

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